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Invisalign® Offers a Clear, Comfortable Way to a Straight Smile

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Who Is a Candidate for Invisalign® Orthodontics?

Are minor cosmetic tooth imperfections keeping you from enjoying a straight, confident smile? Invisalign® orthodontics may be the solution for you! Invisalign is a great option for adults and teens who want to straighten their smiles without the look of metal braces. These clear aligners offer the ultimate in discretion, and are virtually invisible to others. Invisalign corrects common smile concerns like rotated teeth, bite misalignment and gaps between teeth. Discover how Invisalign clear braces can create the confident, gorgeous smile you want.

Invisalign Orthodontics Gambrills, MD

“Invisalign® is great because when you eat you can take it out. And you don’t have any wires or brackets to worry about.”
Dr. Antonino Barbaro

Enjoy an Easy, Simple, Convenient Orthodontic Experience

Invisalign Orthodontics Gambrills, MD
Straight Teeth With Invisalign®

Dr. Antonino Barbaro and our team make getting your dream smile easy and convenient. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional orthodontics. The process is simple, and gradually moves your teeth into their ideal position. We take impressions of your teeth to create a series of custom aligner trays. Your aligners are worn for about 22 hours each day, and changed out for a new set every week. Invisalign clear braces are easily removed when eating and for homecare purposes. A visit with Dr. Barbaro is scheduled every three to four weeks to evaluate your progress.

Invisalign Straightens Your Smile, Without Being Obvious

Invisalign treatment time is typically about a year or so, depending on your needs. This modern orthodontic solution corrects many of the same oral problems as traditional braces, but without the discomfort of metal. Invisalign is great for teens embarrassed to wear metal braces and adult professionals who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. This is especially helpful to those in the public eye or concerned about wearing noticeable braces for a long period of time.

Benefits of Invisalign clear braces over traditional braces:

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Metal-free
  • Extremely discreet
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • No soft tissue irritation
  • Better homecare ability
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The Proof Is In Our Patients

Getting a straight, beautiful smile with braces is easier than you think! Call now for more on Invisalign®.

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