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Gum Disease Is the Leading Cause of Tooth Loss.

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Keep Progressive Gum Disease From Damaging Your Health

Have you noticed bleeding when you brush or floss? Persistent bad breath? A receding gum line? These symptoms are not normal, and often mean that gum disease is present. Gum (periodontal) disease is an oral infection caused by harmful bacteria. The beginning stage is known as gingivitis, and is completely reversible if treated early. Left to progress, it transitions into periodontitis. This stage is characterized by the irreversible breakdown of bone and tissues that support your teeth. Advanced periodontitis is the most severe form, in which significant bone loss and tooth mobility occurs. It is very important to treat gum disease early to reduce your risk of tooth loss and other damaging health effects.


Nearly 50 percent of U.S adults age 30 and older have periodontitis (a more advanced type of gum disease).


Nearly 70 percent of U.S adults age 65 and older have periodontitis


Genetics may contribute to gum disease in up to 30 percent of the population.

Gentle Gum Disease Treatments Restores Health to Your smile

Dr. Antonino Barbaro and our team offer gentle, personal gum disease care to improve your periodontal health

  • Scaling and Root Planing

    Our highly skilled dental hygienist removes plaque, tartar and bacteria from deep below the gum line. This encourages gum reattachment to the tooth roots and reduces periodontal pocket depths.

  • Gingivectomy

    Dr. Barbaro removes excess, diseased or overgrown gum tissue to eliminate deep spaces in which bacteria hide. This also reduces pocketing around the teeth and creates a healthier oral environment.

  • Periodontal Maintenance

    Once you have been treated for gum disease, it is imperative to control bacteria and maintain gum health. We provide periodontal maintenance cleanings every three to four months, helping you keep gum disease at bay.

Put Our Experience and Technology to Work for You

Gum Disease Treament Gambrills, MD
Gum Disease Treatment

With gum disease being the main cause of tooth loss, it is important to visit a highly trained and experienced dentist to save your smile. Dr. Barbaro and our team offer modern dental solutions to deliver gentle, effective treatment and provide the relief you need. We use advanced technology like The Wand® anesthesia to ensure a high level of comfort during your care. Let us help you maintain long-term health and keep your teeth for life!

Stop gum disease is its tracks with gentle, effective treatment. Call today to reserve your periodontal consultation!

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