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Custom Denture Solutions Breathe Life Back Into Your Smile

Extensive tooth loss is an extremely common problem among U.S. adults. In fact, around 12 million are missing an entire arch of teeth. Tooth loss causes many to miss out on life, and even socially withdraw because of embarrassment over their smile. Health and nutrition also suffer when eating ability is impaired. This leaves many patients seeking a reliable source for tooth replacement. Modern dentures are a common answer to multiple missing teeth. They also present an attractive alternative to those who are unable to receive implants. Dr. Antonino Barbaro is proud to offer the custom denture solutions you need for a youthful, vibrant smile!

Dentures Gambrills, MD

“I highly recommend dentures that are supported by implants. Because they provide much greater comfort for the patient and much better function.”
Dr. Antonino Barbaro

Discover the Advantages of Partial and Full Denture Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Antonino Barbaro has improved the oral health and smiles of many patients through beautiful partial and full denture solutions. We use the highest quality materials when creating your custom dentures. Our Valplast® partial dentures are extremely lightweight, flexible and natural-looking. These comfortable partials attach securely to surrounding teeth for tooth replacement that blends right into your smile. Dr. Barbaro also offers several options for full dentures that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Dentures Gambrills, MD
Implant Dentures VS Regular Dentures

Today’s Dentures Are Not the Same Dentures of the Past

Today’s dentures have come a long way. The bulky, uncomfortable appliances of the past have given way to lighter weight, natural-looking dentures. Dr. Barbaro has advanced training and experience in many types of denture solutions. He attended the Dr. Jack Turbyfill denture course, training focused on delivering high-level denture results. Contact our team today for your private denture consultation with Dr. Barbaro! We can help you determine the right denture option for your smile.

 Benefits of dentures:

  • Convenient
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Improved eating ability
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Greater self-confidence

Want to look years younger and feel confident once again? Schedule your denture consultation today!

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