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Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement today. No other option comes close to delivering the permanence, stability and function of implant solutions. Implants meet a variety of needs, replacing single, multiple and entire arches of missing teeth. The benefits of implants are incredible, and go far beyond creating a beautiful smile. Choosing implants now for your tooth replacement can save you in the long run. These lasting solutions help avoid bone loss and additional tooth loss. Dental implants can also prevent change in oral function and other future complications that result from leaving missing teeth unreplaced.

Dental Implant Cost Gambrills, MD

“My recommendation is that the patient comes in. We do a thorough exam. Radiograph, CT Scan. And together the patient and I can determine what type of implant is best for them.”
Dr. Antonino Barbaro

What Determines Total Implant Cost?

A number of factors affect the total cost of implants. Each individual implant case is unique, so total cost varies among patients. A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Antonino Barbaro gives you a chance to discuss your tooth replacement needs. Together, we decide the right implant solutions for your smile! Dental implants work best in a healthy, stable mouth. We also determine if preparatory procedures are needed to create the ideal environment for your implants.

Factors that affect total implant cost:

  • Number of teeth
  • Tooth extractions
  • Type of procedure
  • Type of restoration
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Ridge preservation
  • Other oral needs

Why Choosing an Experienced Implant Dentist Is Important for You and Your Smile

Dental Implant Cost Gambrills, MD

We want you to feel great about investing in your smile, confidence and quality of life with dental implants! Dr. Barbaro received his implant training at the esteemed Engel Implant Institute. He offers the advanced skill and experience needed to help you reach optimal oral health and a gorgeous, vibrant smile. As your general dentist, Dr. Barbaro is familiar with your dental needs.  He and our talented team offer comprehensive services to help you enjoy a healthy smile, now and well into the future. Keeping regular cleanings and maintaining meticulous homecare also encourages lifelong health for your implants and your smile.

Enjoy the amazing smile and quality of living you deserve with a lasting implant solution! Contact our office today so our team can reserve your private consultation.

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