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Dental Bridges Restore Function and Beauty to Your Smile

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Dental Bridges Are a Sound Solution for Replacing Missing Teeth

Are you looking for a viable tooth replacement solution? Replacing a missing tooth is important to your health, smile and self-confidence. Bridges are a common dental option that effectively restore your oral function and appearance. These high-quality restorations are made of two or more crowns fused together to fill the space of a missing tooth. The ends of the bridge fit over neighboring teeth that are prepared to support your new bridge structure. A bridge may be ideal if you need to replace a tooth and have healthy teeth on either side of the empty space. It may also be recommended if you are unable to undergo an implant procedure.

Discover the Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges Gambrills, MD

Whether you need to replace a front or back tooth, bridges provide the cosmetic improvement and function you need for a healthy, beautiful smile. Bridges are routine procedures that are actually quite comfortable and require very little down time. Dr. Antonino Barbaro has over 25 years of experience providing this type of treatment. He and our caring team are ready to put our advanced skills and expertise to work for you. With beautiful, high-quality bridges from Dr. Barbaro, no one will ever know you have lost a natural tooth!

Bridges Offer Exciting Benefits To Your Smile And Oral Health

  • Improve eating ability
  • Blend seamlessly into the smile
  • Look like natural teeth
  • Distribute biting forces evenly
  • Keep surrounding teeth in place
  • Maintain facial contours
  • Provide sound tooth replacement

Experience Optimal Treatment Results and High-Level Satisfaction

Dental Bridges Gambrills, MD
How A Bridge Is Placed

It is very important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. Surrounding teeth tend to drift into open spaces if too much time lapses between tooth loss and tooth replacement. Dr. Barbaro and our team are committed to ensuring you get comfortable, timely care for your smile. We pay close attention to your needs and genuinely listen to your concerns. This helps ensure that you receive optimal treatment outcomes and experience the high-level satisfaction you deserve!

Get the tooth replacement you need for a healthy, happy smile! Call today to reserve your bridge consultation.

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